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    • Theron Ussery

      Theron Ussery served as a member of Macon City Council for two decades and during his tenure at City Hall became known as “Mr. Recreation” because of his work for the betterment of recreation facilities and programs throughout the city. He was tenacious in his efforts to provide recreation facilities in all parts of Macon and worked to implement the Master Plan for Recreation. He was a driving force in pushing for monies to pave the parking lots at both Henderson Stadium and the Central City softball complex. As Chairman of the Community Resources and Development Committee, he led the efforts to implement the Master plan. He knew that Community Development Block Grant funds could be used for part of the plan in east and south Macon—the rest for west and north Macon having to come from the general fund. He worked to ensure that recreation projects were placed in both budgets annually to keep the momentum going. Theron was vital in the building of the now John Drew Smith Tennis Center. There was thought that the Center should be built near the Coliseum, however Ussery convinced Mayor and Council that it should be at it’s current location as part of the North Macon Park. He also worked successfully to get Unionville as part of the Master Plan. Ussery, one of Macon’s top amateur golfers, also played a role in upgrades to the municipally owned Bowden Golf Course. There was an effort to add an additional 9 holes at the course, but Theron thought a fairway sprinkler system with new wells on the course was a better course of action and that move was adopted which enhanced the course greatly. Theron was honored by the Macon Tennis Association for his efforts and was recognized by everyone as the go-to person if here was a recreation need. In a 1996 poll conducted by the Macon Telegraph he was voted as one of the 10 most powerful sports people in Macon. He was the only elected person on the list. North Macon Park was renamed Theron Ussery Park in his honor in 2016 (more)

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